Meraki yoga retreat

The word ‘Meraki’ is the Greek for doing something with love, soul and creativity. To put a piece of yourself into the things you love. And a seven day yoga retreat at Villa Meraki offers just that! The possibility to practice the fluidity of movement through beautiful yoga sequences and hikes, and the practice of stillness and breathing fully, through guided meditation. We offer a well-rounded programme to both stimulate and relax the physical, as well as the energetic body. 

A journey to the self...

join us for a magical and wholesome retreat in May 2024

Gift yourself seven days of grounding relaxation and bliss

What to expect...

Luxury villa

Villa Meraki is a breathtakingly beautiful, earth-inspired home, set on the northeastern coast of the magical island that is Crete. It lies embedded in the Cretan mountains, at 170 metres above sea level and offers mesmerising views over the bay of Mirabello, surrounding villages and the Cretan mountains, with only a 10-minute drive to sea. It has a thoroughly grounding energy and it is the perfect place to watch endless sunrises and a myriad of stars.

A Magical island

Islands have a different energetic quality. Cretans live with a strong connection to the tides of the sea, and the energy of the moon and the sun. Nature sets the rhythm for life. Crete has a strong grounding quality. There is a slow but vibrant flow of life that is the ideal setting to tap into the well-being of our physical as well as our energetic bodies.

Delicious food

Greek cuisine is one of the healthiest and most nutritious ways of eating in the world. It focuses on lots of vegetables, fruits and legumes with small portions of fish and meat, mostly prepared in olive oil. It is delicious and always shared. We offer nutritious and delicious meals that celebrate Crete’s riches. The food will be predominantly vegetarian, with fish or meat always offered on the side. 

stay at Villa Meraki (6x)

Transfer airport (2x)

Breakfast (6x)

lunch (5x)

diner (6x)

yoga lesson (5x)

guided meditation (4x)

60 min. holistic massage

tarot card reading

hike to the peninsula kolokitha & hike to ancient naxos (Mt. oxa)

lunch in the surrounding area (Elounda, epáno pinés, agios nikolaos)

diner in plaka (1x)


*Aside from swimming at Villa Meraki, there will be plenty of opportunities to swim in the Aegean

*Level: beginner/intermediate. No prior knowledge or experience of yoga and meditation is required

*Flights to and from Heraklion are not included in the price. We are of course, more than willing to advise you, and help you book your flight

Rates & Dates

Dates: 10-05/16-05-2024


Price for a shared double room: € 1.365

Early bird discount rate: € 1.275


*maximum capacity: 8 people

Immerse yourself...


My name is Anne. I am the daughter of the house and I will be your yoga teacher on this incredible journey to the self.
I am a qualified Vinyasa, Yin yoga, Pilates teacher and meditation coach. And in a 32 year-old lifetime, that has been spread out between many countries, my yoga mat has been a constant friend to me. An open invitation to explore within. I am humbled to be part of your journey and to create space and freedom in movement together, to guide you in letting your breath shed the knots within your body and mind, but most of all, to invite you to sit with yourself in loving kindness and listen to the song that your soul gently hums.


My name is Benthe. I have been doing yoga for many years now and you could say that I am the organisational alpha to Anne's creative omega. Whereas Anne creates all of your yoga and meditation classes, I pour my love into organising the practical side of the retreat. The to-do lists, timelines, budget, marketing and everything that entails. Having been to quite a few retreats myself, I find that it's easier to relax when everything has been organised well and only when I have clear expectations of what the day will bring, can I ease into the flow of things. I look forward to creating this warm and safe space for you so that you can simply enjoy this week that we have lovingly created for you.

New beginnings

to cut a lifelong friendship story short; we met working our first job when we were fifteen years old and we have laughed, cried, danced and powerwalked our way through life together. But most importantly, we are able to carry each other's hearts when they feel heavy, and when we laugh together it is the most joyous thing. For many years now, we have been spending a week at Villa Meraki together. Those weeks that we spend together in Crete have always been incredibly energising and profoundly comforting to us and we come back feeling invigorated and rested. We started to wonder, if this is so nurturing for us, could we also create that for others? And so, the idea of a Villa Meraki retreat was born. Now, many years later, we finally found ourselves in the situation where our paths (and calendars) aligned and we were ready to set out on this new adventure. We look forward to seeing you in Crete!

We believe that treating yourself to a retreat such as this one, is an achievement in itself and an important step in listening to your inner voice. We encourage you to keep tuning in with yourself during the retreat. We have designed a balanced programme, with your well-being at the centre of it. But that doesn’t mean you have to partake in everything. Trust that you know best what to pick and leave.

would you like to receive more information about the retreat, the week’s programme or do you want to book? Feel free to contact us via email, or give us a call. We look forward to welcoming you!

Anne Lever: +316 58800241