New beginnings...

Villa Meraki was built as our family home. Back then, in 2006, the villa consisted of three double bedrooms, a spacious open-plan kitchen and living room, the tower, a large laundry room, multiple underground basements, a 75m2 storage room that is situated on the same floor as the downstairs bedrooms and a separate guesthouse below the swimming pool in the garden. When we started renting the house out we realised that the storage room was an untouched gem and we wanted to unlock its potential. We renovated it and turned it into a spacious additional bed- and bathroom. And just like that, we had created a villa that, because of the optional additional extension and guesthouse, could be rented out to all sorts of different group sizes. And the great thing is, these additional rooms can be closed off, so you only pay for the rooms that are in use. Have you fallen in love with Villa Meraki already? Read on to find the perfect Villa Meraki layout!

Find the perfect Villa Meraki layout for you!

Right, it’s time to find your personal Villa Meraki layout. Just one thing before we start, to put your mind at ease: whether you rent all of the additional options or none at all, the villa and grounds are always exclusively rented out to you, so no need to worry about other guests. Let’s get started!

The main villa

The main villa comprises of the entire original villa with a spacious open-plan kitchen and living room, the tower, laundry room and three double bedrooms and sleeps 6 pax. The master bedroom (see pictures below on the right) has its own balcony and bathroom with two showers and sinks. A separate toilet is situated next to the front door of the villa. The two other bedrooms (see picture below on the left) are on the lower level and are identical with glass fronts, direct access to the garden and lots of closet space. We call these rooms the ocean and garden room. The two bedrooms on the lower level share a bathroom with a large shower, sink and toilet(see picture below). All the rooms have blackout curtains and AC. Children up to two years old are free of charge and cots, high chairs and changing mats are provided by us on request. 

The ocean and garden room

The downstairs bathroom

The master bedroom

The master bath

The luxury extension

We are very proud of the renovation of the storage room into this luxury extension, a renovation we like to refer to as “our quarantine project”, because my father and I got stuck in Crete for three months during quarantine. We were already too deep into the renovations to stop and so we decided to see it through, although we had no idea when we would be able to welcome guests again. Looking back, we’re extremely happy we did! 

The villa was built into the mountain and we wanted to have the original rock wall the centrepiece of the room. It reminds us of what an adventure and life’s work the villa has been. Most people down know that the rock wall is actually twice as high as it starts in the underground basement below. If you look at it closely, you can see rock crystals. Maybe that’s the reason why this room has such a grounding energy. The rock continues all the way into the bathroom next door and the showers are absolute showstoppers! I wanted to be able to use this room for yoga lessons and massages as well as a bedroom, which is why we opted for luxury built-in bunkbeds, of which the top bunk can be easily accessed by stairs. Children absolutely love this room!

The luxury extension

The luxury extension is closed off when it has not been rented in addition to the main villa. click on the contact page to inquire about prices.


The luxury extension can be rented in addition to the main villa and sleeps 4 pax. It is a 75m2 room that comprises of two built-in bunkbeds with stairs and safety railings. It has two wardrobes and built-in shelving to the side of the room. Walk through the glass door and into the spacious bathroom that comprises of a large sink, two toilets and two showers. The luxury extension is situated next to the two bedrooms on the lower level. 

The Guesthouse

The guesthouse

The guesthouse is closed off when it has not been rented in addition to the main villa, but you're welcome to enjoy the beautiful terrace! Click on the contact page to inquire about prices.


The guesthouse is Villa Meraki’s best kept secret. It is completely secluded, below the swimming pool, at the lowest level of the property. I have very fond memories of the guesthouse as it used to be my home as a teenager. It is such a dreamy space with a beautiful private terrace that is partially shady as it is home to the oldest olive tree on the property. It comprises of a downstairs living with kitchenette, reading nook and bathroom with a shower and toilet. Climb up the ladder to find the cosy bedroom with two single beds and wardrobe space. There is a second shower, outside behind the olive tree. 

*Please note that, because of the ladder leading up to the bedroom, the guesthouse is most suited to teenagers and young adults.

IMG_20230202_142743 (1)

A sea of green

The guesthouse is surrounded by a sea of greenery. It is also home to the oldest olive tree in our garden, which is over 400 years old!


Divine views

Because the guesthouse is situated on the lowest part of the property, it is mostly sheltered from the wind. Enjoy the panoramic views out to the mountains and the sea.


Ancient donkey road

The ancient donkey road runs alongside the garden of Villa Meraki. During the renovation of the luxury extension we also decided to change the garden of the guesthouse somewhat, to enable easy access to the donkey road which leads you all the way down to Elounda!