About us

It’s about time that we tell you a little bit about ourselves. This is actually quite a lovely story about a house in Crete that brought a father and daughter back together again.

My name is Anne. I’m the property manager of Villa Meraki and, as it so happens, the daughter of the owner of the house. When I was fourteen years old, my father moved to Crete. He bought a piece of land and in two years time, with the help of a lot of people he loved dearly, he built this house. I spent almost all of my holidays here and fell in love with the Cretan way of life, the beautiful surroundings and of course the Aegean.

As I grew older, I traveled a lot and lived in quite a few different countries but it was always Crete that I considered to be my home away from home. Sitting on the terrace, looking out at sea, I realised that over all these years the mountains, the sea and our shared love for the house was actually what had kept my father and I together.

As you might have guessed, we are a family that travels a lot and as the stories of our lives unfolded, my dad actually found himself not living in the house all year round anymore. He traveled a lot. So it only seemed right to start renting out the house. And when the opportunity presented itself we decided to work together. We had a shared dream to have people experience the magic of this wonderful place. We wanted to share not only the house with you but the Cretan way of life.

And so this brings us to now. The fourteen year old girl that went to visit her father in Crete for the first time is now almost 30. I wouldn’t even dare mention my father’s age but he always says: ‘Darling, I’m not sixty-five, I was merely born sixty-five years ago.’

We truly enjoy and work very hard to make sure our guests have a wonderful time. In two weeks time I’m off to Crete again, to visit my father. We will sit outside in the garden, look out at sea and we will discuss how we can continue to have our guests experience, what we call, ‘the magic of Villa Meraki’. One more thing. The definition of the Greek word ‘meraki’? To do something with soul, creativity and love. When you put something of yourself into what you’re doing.